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Welcome to the GNAIGOR's website. Here you can find all the information about GNAIGOR. For this moment, the program is developed from scratch, with a new object oriented and modular design.

If you want to try it, you are warned: today, GNAIGOR is unstable and can destroy or lose data, don't use in production environment!

Visit the GNAIGOR project page at sourceforge

You can get the last development version of GNAIGOR from our CVS repository

What is GNAIGOR?

GNAIGOR is a perl script that can do many things for make your life get easier. You can interact with it throught a console based interface or a gtk based interface. Sort, split and merge files are only some of its features. The sort files feature is based on rules you can add o remove from the gnaigor configuration file. The split feature help you to store, share or backup files from your computer.Most planned features are being implemented nowadays.

You will read a FAQ and much more documentation on this web soon Logo

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